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Medicine Boxes


We’re well known among the community for our thorough and responsible medication management program. A crucial part of our job is reviewing medicine for safety and efficiency. Come to M City Pharmacy for your prescriptions, and stay confident knowing we care about your health. For questions regarding prescriptions, OTC medications, or generic brand medication equivalents, give us a call.

Buying Medication


As a Pharmacy based in Mississauga, our main role is providing you with medications prescribed to you by your doctors. To this end, we offer all our customers the most cost-effective options, such as generic brand equivalents to whatever they’re prescribed. We care for your health, and with our modern streamlined process, we're making it easy for you to stay healthy.

Pharmacist Checking Medicine


If you need to transfer your prescription in order to start picking up your medication at M City Pharmacy, please get in touch. We’ve streamlined the whole transfer process in order to ensure all your needs are met faster. With options like speedy pick-ups and delivery options, we’re also making it extra easy for our customers to obtain refills on all their prescriptions.

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